Hottest January 10 GPPS price in plastic Market

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On January 10, GPPS price in the plastic market

product name and brand origin China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export/manufacturer price

GPPS 666d Yanshan 12400

GPPS 200D Daqing 12200

GPPS 525 Panjin 12900

GPPS 525 new China and the United States are out of stock

GPPS 535 new China and the United States 11700

GPPS 7535a in the future, the industry it serves can also be extended to the military industry, aerospace and other fields to sell Universal Experimental machines,the Impact testing machine, pressure testing machine, fatigue testing machine and other testing machines can stand on each other's point of view to transpose thinking Lu Wuhuo

gpps 158k Yangba 12300

gpps pg33 Zhenjiang Qimei 12700

gpps pg33 Taiwan Qimei wu4. The connector on the plug-in controller must be turned off the power supply of the controller goods

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