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Inventory: in August 2018, a number of instrument and meter enterprises developed new products

the instrument and meter industry, as an important part of the manufacturing industry, plays an irreplaceable role. With the development of various technologies, instrument products are also constantly being upgraded. In the past July, many enterprises have developed a number of new instruments and meters. As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the instrumentation industry plays an irreplaceable role. With the development of various technologies, instrument products are also constantly being upgraded. In the past July, many enterprises have developed a number of new instruments and meters

fluke: datapaq brand new DP5 temperature recorder

fluke's new data recorder can continuously test the data of 10 heats, and can store the test data of each heat separately, with a total of 600000 data points. The data reading method is efficient, and can be downloaded using USB or Bluetooth

the recorder can be used in the electronics, photovoltaic, coating and powder coating industries, especially for temperature analysis in the heating process of welding and coating curing. In addition, datapaq DP5 is installed in an "aluminum all-in-one" housing, which can be protected to the greatest extent even in harsh industrial environments

Schneider Electric: a number of digital products

Schneider Electric released a number of digital products and solutions, including advanced power monitoring expert 9.0/power SCAD operation 9.0 power management software, the industry's high-precision PowerLogic ion9000 power quality monitoring device and so on, at the 2018 smart distribution digital summit

power monitoring expert 9.0/Power SCADA operation 9.0 power management software can give full play to its powerful edge control ability, help customers realize the overall management of power quality monitoring and analysis, distribution assets and energy consumption distribution system, and maximize the availability of power. At the same time, reduce energy costs

enderhaus: lightweight single measuring tube Coriolis mass flowmeter

the flowmeter developed by enderhaus has the advantages of the highest and lowest flow measurement accuracy: excellent measurement performance and durability; The self emptying single measuring tube system ensures the highest product quality in sanitary and disinfection applications; Installation saves space and light weight

flowmeter is an ideal choice for installation in a narrow space. For example, another reason for installation in the internal test of modular process devices is to improve process control and skid equipment

Emerson: Rosemount 928 wireless gas detector

Emerson launched Rosemount 928 wireless gas detector to help customers easily increase toxic gas detection in difficult to reach locations, improve the installation coverage of toxic gas detectors, and ensure the safe operation of the plant at the same time

rosemount 628 toxic gas sensor contained in Rosemount 928 wireless gas detector can directly store the calibration information of the sensor, so that users can calibrate in a safe area and then quickly install on site, so as to minimize the operators' work in dangerous areas and improve the safety of on-site personnel

Shimadzu: UV spectrophotometer uv-1900

the main features of uv-1900 are large color touch screen and standard stylus; Ultra high scanning speed, easy to track the chemical reaction process; High photometric repeatability, reduce the difference of measurement results, and detect low concentration samples more accurately; Ultra low stray light, the lo-ray-light diffraction grating with Shimadzu patented technology successfully suppresses the stray light of the system, etc

uv-1900 carries the spectrum R & D and manufacturing technology of Shimadzu for more than 60 years. With ultra-high performance and user-friendly touch screen design, it brings users a new experience

Rockwell Automation: the new DC excitation controller

a builds the system in a building block and expandable way. The len Bradley PowerFlex DC excitation controller can help customers complete the modernization and upgrading of the application of carbon fiber composite materials with a density of no more than 2g/cm3 DC motor without the use of complex external equipment. With the help of the digital contact control system, which is at the forefront of technology, users can efficiently collect and use important information throughout the enterprise

control strives to enter the forefront of national innovative enterprises in 2018. The controller further enhances the driving capacity of the DC driver family, expands the scope of application, and focuses on the application of single drive and multi drive systems. It is suitable for the application and transformation of DC motors, and can support up to 6000HP (4000 kW) power

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