Li Tenghui won a major contract of 500million yuan

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Zhongli Tenghui won a major contract of 500 million yuan

recently, a Changshu media reported that Zhongli Tenghui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Zhongli Technology Holdings) signed an overseas order of 2.7 billion yuan at the new energy international exhibition in Australia. At the end of last week, Zhongli technology announced that Zhongli Tenghui had won major contracts totaling 500 million yuan. Investors were shocked when 2.7 billion turned into 500million

On October 16, Changshu local media reported that Changshu photovoltaic enterprises were shining brightly at the new energy international exhibition in Australia. Zhongli Tenghui signed an overseas order of 2.7 billion yuan at the exhibition, and 140 MW of the 230 MW photovoltaic capacity sold was completed through the construction of photovoltaic power stations. At the meeting, Zhongli Tenghui also became a member of the Australian Clean Energy Commission, the second enterprise in China to enter the organization, and found a valuable "golden key" for enterprises to expand the new Australian solar photovoltaic market

affected by this news, the share price of Zhongli technology rose 3.27% that day, ending two consecutive negative days. On the 18th, the news was reprinted by many media, and the share price of Zhongli technology rose another 5.21%. Yesterday, the company announced that the contract amount was 500million yuan. "Dynamic stability" on the surface of the words, although the amount has decreased significantly, 500million is still a big order. Affected by this news, the company's share price rose 6.23% to close at 11.09 yuan

shareholders lament that there is too much difference

for such a huge gap in the contract amount, many shareholders have expressed their views in Zhongli technology stock bar. "Even the local said it was 2.7 billion, while the company announced only 500million. Is that too much difference?" "The contract signed is 500million 'micron friction and wear testing machine (10N)' the report is 2.7 billion 'RMB', the company conceals the contract amount, and 2.7 billion is at least three one word limit." "Continue to complain, the company announcement is too far from the local."

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different understanding angles lead to differences

Cheng Xian, the representative of Zhongli technology securities affairs, said that the final amount is the amount announced by the company. When the media reported the contract amount, they did not finally verify it with the company. Due to different understanding angles, relevant personnel may express it according to the actual value generated by the power station, resulting in the gap in the final amount, The company will not explain this matter again

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