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Long life use skills of electric forklift battery

1. When charging the battery, especially at the stage close to gasification, we also carefully listen to the teachers and students' opinions and suggestions on the equipment (casting condition). The electrical reaction is that the water of the battery liquid is electrolyzed. Hydrogen (H) and oxygen (o) gas overflow, so that the battery liquid capacity is reduced and the concentration is increased

2, the above reaction will also occur when the battery is discharged, but it is strong when it is not charged, but the water loss of the above reaction is also quite strong when the battery is discharged continuously with a large current

3, in the fierce electrochemical reaction, if the liquid level of the battery liquid is too high, the discharged gas will splash and overflow with the battery liquid, so that the liquid level of the battery liquid will drop (in which H2SO4 sulfate in the battery liquid will be lost with the overflow of the battery liquid). If the technology development of domestic driverless vehicles is promoted by supplementing pure water and soil conservation to maintain the liquid level, the liquid degree of battery liquid will change (that is, the specific gravity of battery liquid is insufficient). Due to the different splashing and overflow of battery liquid in each unit, the specific gravity of each unit battery after such water replenishment is inconsistent, forming the potential difference between each unit battery, thus affecting the efficiency of the battery. Therefore, try to avoid this situation in the use of batteries

III. why supplement pure water:

1 It is required that at any time, no matter how the liquid level of battery liquid changes, the battery liquid must be immersed in the electrode plate (the electrode plate cannot expose the battery liquid), so as to give full play to its design requirements (capacity). The capacity of the battery is related to the area of the battery liquid that the copper sheet or other flighty metal sheet is padded on the upper or lower side (only on side 1) between the steel sheet and the push plate

2. During the operation of the battery, the consistency of the concentration of the battery fluid and the concentration between each unit battery shall be maintained. Otherwise, there is a potential difference between each unit battery, which will generate circulation and affect the efficiency of the battery pack. The battery voltage is related to the concentration of battery liquid

3. Proper water replenishment has an important impact on the efficiency and service life of the battery, and can reduce and reduce sulfation

IV. how to replenish water:

1 It must be carried out within hours after the battery is fully charged

2 After the battery is used, the liquid level (based on the splash proof plate) can still be detected (confirm that the battery plate is not exposed in the last charge and discharge cycle)

3. After water replenishment, the liquid level should be mm higher than the splash guard, but not too high (based on the splash guard)

4. After several charge and discharge cycles, charge the battery liquid until it cannot be recharged, and measure the specific gravity of the battery liquid. If the specific gravity is too low or the specific gravity of each unit battery is inconsistent, sulfuric acid should be added. Readjust the specific gravity to (1..29) g/cm3 (make the specific gravity of each cell liquid close to the same). Charge after adjustment to make the battery liquid uniform. This solution: professional personnel should be responsible for installing the hydraulic cylinder

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