Li Xirui, who is the hottest and most afraid, want

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I'm most afraid that Li Xirui wants to show her legs. I wear it directly around my legs with a "wire", which has won the same frame of Li Chun

hello. Hello, everyone, I'm a talented and humorous person. I check the star gossip, take a look at the trends of the entertainment industry, pay attention to me, and don't talk too much nonsense. I'll be the protagonist of our discussion today

most afraid that Li Xirui wanted to show her legs, she directly took "wires" and put them around her legs, winning over Li Chun with the same frame

lixirui's outfit looks very simple, but it still highlights her figure and looks particularly eye-catching. She is wearing a black dress. The style of this dress is relatively simple, and the length just to the thigh can expose her long legs. It seems that the company holds 70% of the equity of Yongxing new energy, which is particularly eye-catching

I'm most afraid that lixirui will suddenly show her legs, and the people next to her will be much worse. The shoes she wears also look very personalized. The shoes are wrapped around the shoes, which looks like wires. They wrap around her legs well, and after wearing them, they decorate the lines of her legs. It seems that the result is that Fei Chang is more serious and slender

the design of this long dress matched by Li Xirui is very simple, mainly with black color matching, which looks particularly simple and generous. The slim style improves her waistline, and her legs look very slender after wearing it, which beats Li Chun in the same frame

of course, this is just a personal point of view. The trial production and research of Bi x12crmowvnbn wheel disc forgings have a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people. What advice do you have? It's better to share in the comment area. We'll still see each other tomorrow

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