Taiwan tire factory suspends production expansion

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Taiwan tire factory suspends production expansion in Thailand

under the frequent red shirt demonstrations in Thailand, the political situation is unstable, and the frequent local labor protests have deterred Taiwan tire factories from investing. It is understood that Zhengxin rubber company has suspended the production expansion plan in Thailand, and the future production expansion of tire factories will be concentrated in Greater China

the declaration of a state of emergency in Thailand due to red shirt demonstrations and the rise of local labor unrest have made Zhengxin company, which experienced a slowdown last year, vigilant. Although it still has the expansion case of plant B in Thailand, it has considered the possibility of not expanding its plant in Thailand in the future

in contrast, Vietnam's political and economic conditions make it an outdoor building material with good performance and 10 points of durability (release bars, chairs and stools, gardens or waterfront landscapes of harmful materials contained in floors, grid auto parts and interior decoration materials); All kinds of formworks used in the construction project are in stable condition. Zhengxin and Jianda industrial companies, which have set up factories in Vietnam, focus on the rapid development of ASEAN market. The expansion plan in the Southeast Asian market will focus on Vietnam and mainly produce machine tires and light truck tires. The employees of Jianda in Vietnam have been overstaffed to meet the labor demand of future expansion

as China's auto market continues to maintain a high-speed growth track, in March this year, China's auto sales reached 234800, far more than 188500 in the United States, ranking the world's largest auto market. It also allows tire manufacturers to continue to increase China's investment in B. the computer screen displays experimental force, cylinder displacement, loading rate and deformation experimental data. The U.S. market has turned to Taiwan for production because of the variable of anti-dumping duty, In the future, the capital investment of tire factories will be mainly in Greater China, which is composed of Taiwan and China

among them, Zhengxin has announced that it will invest NT $12billion in Changnan science and Technology Park and purchase 41 hectares of land to build a production base in Taiwan. Zhengxin said that Changnan science and technology park will build technological barriers and high value-added production capacity. At present, it is planned to focus on the production line of all steel wire large truck tyres (TVR), which is expected to be officially put into production in 2011. At present, the daily production capacity of all steel wire large truck tyres is 800 to 900, and the scale of capacity expansion is still being evaluated

Jianda is expected to invest 1.5 billion yuan to build the second plant area where Yunlin plant is located, It mainly produces high value-added sedans. "In the development of food packaging materials, tyres and bicycles are the main products.

due to" made in Taiwan " And the quality of its own brands in the United States are welcomed. Therefore, in the future, the sales of Taiwan factories will be mainly in the European and American markets, and the punitive tariffs imposed by the United States on Chinese exported tires can also be avoided

as for China's automobile market, the tire factory also has countermeasures. Zhengxin has decided to invest 30million US dollars to set up the sixth production base in China in Chongqing. It is expected to be put into operation in 2011, focusing on the production of car tires. In the first stage, it is planned to produce 24000 pieces of tires a day, and the total capital expenditure for the construction of Chongqing factory is about 200million US dollars

in addition to Chongqing plant, Kunshan, Xiamen and other places have also increased production lines in existing plants to continuously expand production scale

Jianda's plant expansion plan in China focuses on Tianjin plant, mainly producing bicycle tires. In the future, it will also introduce car tire production, mainly including Kunshan plant and Shenzhen plant. This year, it also plans to increase production lines

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