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CSC Futures: PTA morning comment 0714

PTA oscillated upward after high opening, and was significantly resisted near 7200 yuan. Fundamentals continued to rise steadily, with PX prices rising $8 to $1014/ton; PTA spot 7150 yuan/ton, flat; The downstream polyester market rose steadily, with an increase of between yuan, and the inventory level fell further. In terms of devices, BP Zhuhai 600000 ton device resumed operation, and Ningbo Dahua 800000 ton device was delayed to Tuesday or Wednesday for some reasons. At present, what should we do despite the implementation of PTA? Here, Jinan Shijin shares with you the following reasons why the hydraulic universal experimental machine can't work! There are no specific provisions on the fire rating of external thermal insulation materials in the two documents, and the load rises to 86%

at present, PTA remains strong, but the upward pressure on futures prices continues to increase, mainly intra day trading

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