The hottest PTA morning assessment on January 29,

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PTA morning review on January 29: the crude oil range fluctuated, PTA opened low and walked low

Zhengzhou PTA futures main 1005 contract opened low and walked low on January 28, closing at 8006 yuan/ton, down 142 points from the settlement price on January 27, down 1.74%. The daily K line ends at the small Yin line with a long shadow line. Trading volume and positions continued to increase, with a total of 720856 transactions throughout the day, and positions increased by 11072 to 134242. The change of price volume relationship shows that it may continue to fall in the short term. There are many negative factors on the fundamentals, and it is expected that the weak operation will continue in the short term

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed flat on the 28th, as weak oil demand inhibited investors' willingness to bargain hunting after the sharp decline in oil prices in recent weeks. The settlement price of March light sweet crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 3 cents to $73.64 a barrel. The mechanical properties of ICE Futures Exchange provide the performance required to replace traditional materials. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures rose 5 cents to $72.29 a barrel

raw material p-xylene continued to fall on Wednesday, but as the weather turned cold, the Asian market price fell by $9/ton, FOB Korea closed at $1, 065/ton, and CFR China closed at $1, 082/ton

pta spot market continued to decline, the domestic material market in East China fell by about 100 yuan/ton, the offer intention of the cargo holders fell to 7900 yuan/ton, the buyer's counter-offer was rare, and the intention of firm offer negotiation was concentrated between 7, 850 yuan/ton. The external market fell by $10/ton. Generally, the offer intention of shipping is $1/ton, and the firm offer negotiation is concentrated between $1/ton. The market mentality is cautious, and the trading is in a stalemate

on the whole, the main reason for the decline in U.S. crude oil inventories is the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil imports, refineries' use of inventories, and the U.S. dollar exchange rate rose to a six-month high. Refined oil inventories increased and demand remained lower than the same period in 2009. International oil prices continued to fall on Wednesday. The raw material p-xylene also fell continuously. Some market participants reported that the abundant supply situation in January will continue until February. In addition, a large number of Middle East goods will enter the domestic market in March, and the future supply pressure of p-xylene is large. PTA market cannot get favorable support from the cost side. With the Spring Festival approaching, the downstream polyester plant has more parking and maintenance, and the demand side continues to be weak. Therefore, it is expected that the PTA market will continue to operate in a weak position

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