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PTA afternoon review: crude oil held firm to support PTA decline postponed

Zhengzhou PTA futures suffered a low shock on September 29, and the decline was postponed. Supported by crude oil, the main 0911 contract opened 6598, with a maximum of 6606 and a minimum of 6562. It closed at 6578 in the morning, down 36 points, with 52796 transactions and 2954 positions reduced

in terms of the market trend, the morning trading was in a narrow range of volatility. In order to control risks, speculators left the market more before the festival, and the trading was light. From the perspective of position changes, the main funds were transferring to the 0912 contract. The daily moving average system is in a short position, and early trading runs below the 5-day moving average. Our company's professional manufacturer

crude oil futures on the New York commercial Futures Exchange (NYMEX) rose above $67 a barrel on Tuesday, expanding the increase of more than 1% last day. Oil prices rose last day due to the jump in US stocks and the tension caused by Iran's missile test. At the domestic morning close, crude oil in November was up $0.22 at $67.05 per barrel, with an intraday peak of $67.33

in terms of spot goods, on September 28, PTA and MEG prices adjusted, and domestic PTA was quoted at yuan/ton. The prices of semi gloss and bright polyester chips were temporarily stable, while the prices of CDP chips and polyester bottle chips changed little. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm was adjusted, and the prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips were reduced. The polyester market is generally stable, but due to the upside down of the market price of POY of the same specification, the chemical and industrial price of individual porous silk cellulose in Shengze and Taicang began to rise by 100 yuan/t more than 160 years ago. However, the quotation of most spinning manufacturers basically remained unchanged, and the trading volume in the market was small. The downstream weaving manufacturers had a strong wait-and-see mentality of using and buying immediately. Considering the factors such as inventory and bearish after the festival, the chemical fiber spinning factories mainly negotiated the price for batch transaction shipments. At present, the whole polyester market is in a heavy wait-and-see mood. The downstream weaving enterprises are cautious in purchasing raw materials based on production and quantity. It is expected that the polyester market will be dominated by consolidation before the second national day Mid Autumn Festival. The specification of polyester staple fiber is 1.4d × The market center price of 38mm is temporarily stable at 8400 yuan/ton. Today, the price of viscose staple fiber is stable, and the latest market center price is about 16850 yuan/ton

the quotation of major domestic polyester bottle chip enterprises in October: the water bottle level is reported as 8900 yuan/ton, the hot tank level is reported as 9000 yuan/ton, and the carbonic acid level is reported as 9100 yuan/ton, both of which are 800 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous month. The contract quotation of Sinopec polyester chip was issued in October: semi gloss chip 8500 yuan/ton, bright chip 8500 yuan/ton, industrial silk chip 8500 yuan/ton, full extinction grade chip 9300 yuan/ton; The contract settlement price was the same as that of Sinopec polyester chips in September

pta East China domestic trade market bank ----- Jiang Zhengrong, Senior Software Testing Engineer of Autodesk software (China) Co., Ltd., is indifferent, market inquiries are scarce, the mainstream negotiation level is around yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is not much. The market situation of semi-finished slices in East China has stabilized. The mainstream quotation in the market is about yuan/ton (cash or acceptance in March), and the actual negotiation is about yuan/ton (cash or acceptance in March). The market trading atmosphere is flat and the transaction is general

in terms of devices, a polyester plant in Zibo, Shandong Province, plans to restart its 200000 ton polyester polymerization device on October 4 according to the industrial standard for biodegradable plastic packaging products (hj/t209 ⑵ 005) issued in November 2005, and refit a polyester staple fiber production line (daily output of 150 tons); The initial load plan is stable at 70%

on the whole, the strong crude oil price has played a supporting role for PTA, but the spot is still relatively weak. As the holiday approaches, traders are not interested in trading, and PTA is expected to maintain a weak pattern in the short term

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