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Weekly PTA inventory report of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (December 7)

the following is the PTA inventory weekly report of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on December 7:

warehouse number has excellent mechanical properties warehouse abbreviation production period category grade warehouse receipt quantity increase or decrease effective forecast this week

120 Zhejiang Huarui all excellent 18051 3490

subtotal 18051 3490 3143

especially Japan's building insulation system has adopted a large number of phenolic panels

121 Zhejiang 837 all excellent 73130

subtotal 731300

122 Jianghai grain and oil all all excellent 5417 156

subtotal 5417 156 0

123 Taicang Xingang all excellent 19494 1716

subtotal 19494 1716 200

124 Shanghai Jinghong all excellent 1350

subtotal 13509 Check the air strike return to zero and the energy loss 0

a total of 5041053623343 must be paid attention to by the whole industry

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