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PTA morning review on September 20: crude oil continued to fall, dragging down PTA rebound

Zhengzhou PTA futures opened low and closed low on September 17. The main 1101 contract closed at 7892 yuan/ton, down 12 yuan. Due to the slow recovery of downstream demand, it is particularly important for merchants to have a complete after-sales service system. PTA shocks and weakens. In addition, the external environment is not optimistic, pre holiday funds avoid risks, and bulls close a large number of positions. However, the market demand rises due to the traditional peak season and the Mid Autumn Festival, with a total value of more than $6 trillion. It is expected that PTA will not improve greatly, mainly based on the idea of weak shocks

NYMEX crude oil futures fell for the fourth consecutive trading day on the 17th, due to the resumption of operation of an important oil pipeline from Canada to the United States, and the market is still worried about short-term oversupply. The settlement price of October crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 91 cents, or 1.2%, to $73.66 a barrel. Enbridge energy partners said that the oil pipeline shut down due to the leakage accident in the week of the 10th has been repaired, and the operation under environmental supervision in the third quarter was resumed on the 17th. One third of the crude oil imported by the United States from Canada is transported through the pipeline. Traders said that the return of crude oil transmission to normal made oil prices lose an important support. Traders said signs of weaker consumer sentiment also added to the gloomy atmosphere in the crude oil market. The initial value of the University of Michigan consumer confidence index in September was 66.6, lower than 68.9 in August, and the lowest level since August 2009. Economists had expected the index to be 70 in September

the atmosphere of PTA spot market in Asia is strong. The source of Taiwan products offers us dollars/ton, the buying is a little wait-and-see, and there is little intention of shipping below US $910/ton through negotiation; The source of Korean products offered us $900/ton and negotiated US $895/ton. The East China PTA spot market is basically stable, with an offer of 7550 yuan/ton or higher, and the merchants have little intention of shipping at a low price. The transaction negotiation is 7500 yuan/ton or higher, and the firm offer is scarce

recently, the pressure of centralized power rationing has gradually eased. On the one hand, the Ministry of industry and information technology believes that centralized power rationing is inappropriate, and will sum up experience to normalize, institutionalize and standardize energy conservation. The real power rationing measures have been alleviated in some regions. On the other hand, some regions adopted the strategy of self purchased generators to resume production, which contributed to the recovery of the downstream rigid demand of PTA to a certain extent

in the downstream, the polyester Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is still on the rise as a whole. Among them, the focus of POY tends to be stable, and mainstream enterprises choose flat reporting. This product is the most ideal testing instrument for mechanical property testing of metal materials, and it is about yuan/ton; The quotation of some manufacturers in FDY was slightly increased to 11750 yuan/ton; DTY's mainstream transaction revolves around the range of yuan/ton. The market of polyester staple fiber in East China continued to rise, with the market quotation of yuan/ton and the transaction focus around yuan/ton. Buyers had strong intention to receive goods and increased trading volume

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