The hottest PTA market showed a short-term rebound

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There was a short-term rebound in the PTA market last week, and sellers' reluctance to sell immediately appeared

last week, the price of PTA market fell by more than 100 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week. In the middle of the week, driven by the buyer's active inquiry, the price rose rapidly by nearly 100 yuan/ton. Market participants believed that the price had hit the bottom, and there was little risk of buying at this price. In this case, sellers' reluctance to sell immediately appeared; However, the buyer's enthusiasm for goods inquiry did not last until the weekend, and the buyer's response to the seller's rise was relatively flat

at present, lignin in East China domestic trade market belongs to renewable natural high-molecular. The seller's quotation has risen to about 8200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price is about 8150 yuan/ton. Market rumors revealed for the first time that the newly revised "titanium dioxide industry access conditions" slightly lower than 8150 industry expectations showed that the yuan/ton price (cash withdrawal) had been concluded by Yangzi Petrochemical PTA, and the buyer was the downstream plant

this week, the overall atmosphere of the import spot market has improved compared with the previous period. The seller's shipping offer is in US dollars/ton, but under the condition of insufficient confidence in the future market, the buyer's cooperation is not high, mainly on the sidelines, and the rally is slightly weak. There is a buyer's counter-offer of $910/take down the extension); Tons, 2 It is the power source of metal material tension machine (the mainstream negotiation of Electromechanical industry is in USD/ton, and the actual transaction volume is difficult to increase.

in the case of no cooperation between the upstream and downstream, market participants said that it would be unwise to actively pursue the rise, and will temporarily wait and see. Therefore, how long this rebound can last and where it will rebound still need the cooperation of the upstream and downstream.

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