The hottest PTA Market in Asia will face the press

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This year, the PTA Market in Asia will face the pressure of substantial capacity expansion.

market participants said that due to the impact of a large number of new production capacity in the new year, Asian PTA manufacturers will face the remaining pressure of allowing production capacity to vibrate when necessary. According to ICIS data, PTA capacity in Asia will increase by 26% in 2012 and 13% in 2011. In 2012, all the new PTA production capacity in Asia was concentrated in China, and 11.5 million tons/year of PTA production capacity will be added, including six new devices with loose sleeves and debottlenecking transformation of one device. At present, the existing PTA production capacity in Asia is 43.7 million tons/year

market participants said that the new capacity of PTA downstream polyester in Asia in 2012 will lag behind the new capacity of PTA. According to ICIS data, the new PTA capacity of 11.5 million tons/year can support the new polyester capacity of about 9.9 million tons/year. In fact, the new polyester capacity in Asia in 2012 was only 8.5 million tons/year, and the total capacity reached 63 million tons/year, an increase of 15%. Among the 8.5 million T/a new polyester production capacity, more than 6million T/a comes from China, 1.7 million T/A from India, and the remaining capacity comes from China and Southeast Asia in the experimental process of South Korea

affected by the loss of profits, PTA manufacturers in Asia have started a round of production reduction movement since November 2011, either reducing the operating rate of devices or shutting down devices to reduce losses. ICIS data shows that the average operating rate of PTA plants in Asia in 2011 decreased from 90% in 2010 to about 86%. A major trader in Asia said that due to the large number of new capacity put into production, the operating rate of PTA units in Asia will further drop to 75% in 2012

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