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Future of scientific and technological innovation Foton Lovol heavy industry held the 2010 annual business conference

future of scientific and technological innovation Foton Lovol heavy industry held the 2010 annual business conference

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Guide: on January 6, 7, the participating catheter of Gold Medical enjoyed a high reputation in the Japanese market, and Foton Lovol heavy industry 2010 annual business conference of construction machinery was grandly opened in Qingdao Huangdao development zone. Lovol construction machinery suppliers, dealers, media representatives and other about 500 people gathered together to seek development in 2010. In 2009, Foton Lovol heavy industry based on connotation growth, structure

from January 6 to 7, Foton Lovol heavy industry 2010 construction machinery business annual meeting was grandly held in Qingdao Huangdao development zone. Lovol construction machinery suppliers, dealers, media representatives and other about 500 people gathered together to seek development in 2010

in 2009, based on the strategic business objectives of "connotative growth, structural adjustment and globalization", Foton Lovol heavy industry achieved a sales revenue of 13.56 billion yuan, an increase of 22.3% year-on-year, of which the construction machinery business achieved a sales revenue of more than 2.4 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8% year-on-year, by implementing the innovation and upgrading of technology and products and further optimizing the market and business structure

Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industries, made the theme report "the beauty of the future of science and technology". Users must pay attention to the development of high-end scientific and technological innovation when selecting 1. As a latecomer in the industry, Lovol construction machinery fully recognizes the decisive role of new products in improving business competitiveness, and through the formation of "four countries and four parties" international technology strategic cooperation with four companies in Germany, Italy, Britain and other countries, It has established the product R & D positioning of "synchronizing with the world at the beginning", and leveraged the global technology integration platform to integrate the leading technologies of Liebherr in Europe, selected the world's top parts resources, and newly developed and produced Lovol construction machinery products with independent intellectual property rights, realizing the powerful improvement of the core competitiveness of the enterprise

dealers pay attention to Lovol ETX loaders

LOVOL Loaders' business products are constantly upgraded. Fl955f medium wheelbase products and Lovol ETX loaders have become the benchmark products of the new generation of wheel loaders in the industry with new hydraulic system, excellent steering system and efficient technology upgrading; After establishing the top three position in the national industry, Lovol excavator business continues to expand its product line in depth. It has not only launched medium and large excavator products such as fr230, fr260 and fr360, but also successfully developed 51 ton super large excavator products, becoming an enterprise with the widest product line and the most complete product resources covering 1.5-51 ton small, medium and large excavators in China, realizing the new start of Lovol brand in the construction machinery industry; The launch of Lovol fr622cr rock drilling rig has helped Foton Lovol heavy industry achieve a spiral increase in the business performance of heavy machinery. At present, Lovol heavy equipment rotary drilling rig business has formed a full series of products below 15 tons of meters, 18-22 tons of medium-sized rotary drilling rig products and 25 tons of large-scale rotary drilling rig products

the development and technological upgrading of a series of new construction machinery products highlight the fruitful R & D achievements of Foton Lovol heavy industry in 2009, which also laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to expand the industry market in 2010

the participating dealers visited the factory area of Qingdao Lovol factory of Foton Lovol heavy industries

lean manufacturing promotes quality upgrading

in the process of product manufacturing, Foton Lovol heavy industries has established a lean production mode of construction machinery business by promoting the concept of product lean manufacturing and further promoting TPS. The concept of "continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence" has penetrated into every link of production, greatly reducing production costs and directly generating economic benefits of 13.853 million yuan

scientific quality management ensures the reliability of products. Since 2009, Foton Lovol heavy industries has taken "physical quality improvement" as the key point of business improvement. From concept planning to machine design, from prototype verification to mass production, Lovol engineering machinery business has set different quality valves for each link. During the production process, Foton Lovol heavy industry also introduced advanced audit review tools to ensure the reliability of the assembly and adjustment quality of the whole vehicle; The application of 8D improvement tools has analyzed and refined typical difficult problems, ensuring the steady upgrading of vehicle quality. Compared with the previous period, the mean time between failures of Lovol construction machinery products increased by 36.4%, and the market reliability increased by 38.9% year on year

participating dealers visited the factory area of Qingdao Lovol factory

in addition, Foton Lovol heavy industry is also committed to promoting the business structure adjustment focusing on reliability improvement. By improving the design ability, supply chain quality assurance level and manufacturing and process assurance ability of R & D personnel, the products have been recognized by the market and the competitiveness of product portfolio has been greatly improved

for the excavator business, Foton Lovol, according to the information released by relevant institutions, has built two major production bases - excavator structural parts manufacturing base and Zhongda excavation production base, which are about to be put into production, giving the industry more expectations in the later stage

channel innovation wins domestic and foreign markets

channel capacity-building plays a vital role in improving business competitiveness. Foton Lovol heavy industry pays attention to replacing the concept of channel management with the connotation of distribution management. By putting forward the concept of "benchmarking agent" and giving key cultivation support, it has gradually built a standardized agent team with modern construction machinery strategic awareness, which has laid a good foundation for market expansion and business growth

Award for excellent dealers

in order to strengthen channel capacity-building, Foton Lovol heavy industry set up a special cultivation fee for benchmarking channels in early 2009, and formed a cost support policy for benchmarking channels. Through the support of benchmarking channels, the software and hardware capabilities of the channels in personnel replenishment, service vehicle increase, secondary network capacity construction, peak season sales promotion and unplanned debt recovery have been improved. While improving the agency organization, the sales and service capabilities of the agents have been improved

in addition to financial and other support, Foton Lovol heavy industry also promoted and supplemented the shortcomings of agents through channel cultivation projects, such as introducing well-known consulting companies in the industry, carrying out relevant training activities to improve the terminal operation ability of agents, and helping agents improve their basic quality, so that a considerable number of agents have improved their sales and risk control ability, and built a first-class concept and ability, Agent team in coordination with Foton Lovol heavy industries

in addition, Foton Lovol heavy industry also pays attention to the development and management of key customers, and continues to optimize the marketing team, using bank resources to expand financial services, and constantly seize market share. This also helped Foton Lovol heavy industry shrink in the industry and achieved a stable growth in sales. In 2009, the construction machinery business achieved a sales volume of 9273 units, an increase of 13.5% year-on-year

aiming at the overseas market, Foton Lovol heavy industry further cultivates independent innovation ability by integrating global resources, actively participates in international competition, and constructs stable marketing channels according to market positioning and corresponding target customer groups, so that overseas businesses can flourish. Under the adverse circumstances of the international financial crisis on the construction machinery industry, Foton Lovol heavy industry loader business achieved the first product export, and the medium excavation also achieved deformation, mainly focusing on the small batch export of a local area of the sample

"science and technology" is a kind of ability. In a broad sense, science and technology includes the ability of resource integration, innovation and development, and artistic management. "Science and technology" will become the source power for the future development of Foton Lovol heavy industry. Committed to technological innovation, Foton Lovol heavy industries' annual business conference this time will be pregnant with infinite possible future and ideals

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