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Scientific instruments help prevent micro plastic food from being served to protect human health

plastic pollution, also known as white pollution, is an image title of people for the phenomenon of environmental pollution caused by refractory plastic waste (mostly plastic bags). It refers to all kinds of household plastic products made of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other high molecular compounds, which are discarded as solid waste after use. Because the plastic is not easy to degrade, affects the beauty of the environment, and the components contained are potentially harmful, so how can we extend the service life of the tensile testing machine? These methods that can prolong the service life of the tensile testing machine have led to serious plastic pollution

1 then these plastic materials in contact with food are safe. Since 957, the amount of plastic waste in the North Atlantic has increased significantly, especially the amount of plastic bags, ropes, fishing and other large plastic waste has increased significantly. The number of plastic entanglements shown on the recorder has also increased about 10 times since 2000. Fishery related plastic entanglements such as fishing have been the largest growth factor in the past 20 years, and the probability of plastic entanglement in the southern North Atlantic is the highest. At the same time, about 12million to 21million tons of invisible plastic particles were found in the upper reaches of the Atlantic Ocean

the latest research found that human organs and tissues can absorb a small amount of 4 Computer output: nano plastic and micro plastic

researchers exposed tissue samples to a series of micro plastics. Through the mass spectrometer, they found that each sample contained traces of plastics, including polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyethylene (PE). This phenomenon has attracted the attention of researchers. The research found that BPA is still used in many food containers. This substance was found in all 47 human samples. They now plan to investigate any potential health risks that plastic pollution may pose

finding the problem is the right remedy. For micro plastics entering the food chain, technically speaking, we can increase the investment in food testing. With the help of some laboratory testing instruments, we can try to avoid micro plastic food on the table and reduce the intake of micro plastics from the source

since the adverse effects of plastic pollution on our lives have spread throughout all stages of clothing, food, housing and transportation, the treatment of plastic pollution requires the joint efforts of all departments and industries, and the active participation of the whole society and all citizens

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