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Scientific automation: expand the i/o terminal module dedicated to measurement technology editor's note: however, when we use the high and low temperature universal material experimental machine, we should pay attention to one thing. With the advent of the new digital multimeter terminal module, Beckhoff will integrate powerful measurement functions into the advanced i/o system. The digital multimeter with integrated fieldbus interface is used to measure current and voltage, and the measured values can be directly processed in the i/o system or master station controller. These dynamic measurement terminal modules can be used in both Beckhoff bus terminal module system and EtherCAT terminal module system

using powerful CPU, ultra-high speed communication (such as EtherCAT) module and real-time software to connect the peripheral i/o interface, Beckhoff's PC based control technology can provide an ideal system for high-precision and high-speed measurement equipment. Because the selectable input range and automatic measurement range are very wide, the use of the latest Beckhoff kl3681 (bus terminal module) and el3681 (EtherCAT new terminal module) can significantly improve the flexibility of the system. This bus terminal module has the characteristics of high precision, simple operation and wide resistance measurement range (30 MV - 300 V). It can be used as a modern digital multimeter

especially in measurement applications, the expected voltage is often unknown in the planning stage. The automatic adjustment of the measurement range can make the use simpler and reduce the inventory level. The terminal module of digital multimeter can measure DC. The traditional method adopts rapid prototyping technology and AC voltage. If it is AC voltage, the effective (RMS root mean square) value is determined

because the electronic measurement system is completely electrically isolated, it has good anti-interference ability, and the measurement cycle is usually 200 ms. The measurement result is consistent with the result of a manual multimeter, but the bus terminal module also has an interface that can connect all general-purpose fieldbuses, through which the result can be read out and its parameters can be set

measurement range:

- voltage: 30 mV

- 300 V DC, 100 mV

- 300 V AC

- current: 100 Ma, 1 A, 10 a ac/dc

- resistance: 10 - gypsum board gb/t9775 ⑴ 999 10 m

digital multimeter integrated into the bus terminal module

about Beckhoff

Beckhoff Automation Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company has been operating in more than 60 countries

Bifu always takes the new automation technology based on PC as the development concept of the company. The industrial computers, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT control software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. In the past 20 years, Beifu's components and system solutions have been widely used all over the world, and its "new automation technology" has established a standard for all fields of industrial automation

since Beifu established its Beijing Representative Office in March 2001, the company's business in China has developed rapidly, and has successively established its Shanghai Representative Office and Guangzhou Representative Office. As various new products with good cost performance have further improved the supporting capacity of industrial energy conservation and green development, and new technologies continue to enter the Chinese market, the concept of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting PC control new technology has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit Beckhoff Chinese official website

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