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Scientific and technological innovation China intelligent manufacturing accelerates the construction of the dream of building a powerful country in equipment manufacturing

scientific and technological innovation China intelligent manufacturing accelerates the construction of the dream of building a powerful country in equipment manufacturing

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in the long history of human evolution, 2.5 million years of tool manufacturing history has promoted the progress of civilization step by step. Today, while creating comfort and convenience for mankind, the machine manufacturing industry is also driving competition among economies in the world. The equipment manufacturing industry, known as the "machine manufacturing industry of production machines", is the core of the competition in the manufacturing field of various countries

Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, said that the equipment manufacturing industry provides production technology and equipment for simple reproduction and expanded reproduction of the national economy, It is a symbol of industrial and economic strength: "Each economic power, we look at their development history, it has a strong equipment manufacturing industry, so the competition between countries before and between countries, economic competition between countries, in essence, is the competition between countries in the equipment manufacturing industry, which has achieved fluoroplastic matrix nanocomposites with unique isolation structure. At present, the competition between high-end equipment manufacturing is actually the core of the game between big countries."

because the equipment manufacturing industry involves a large number of cutting-edge, precise and complex technologies. For a long time, China's equipment manufacturing industry has been controlled by foreign brands in terms of key components and core technologies

in the 1980s, China's radial tire industry was completely subject to the monopoly and blockade of western developed countries. It spent billions of dollars of foreign exchange every year to buy second-hand equipment that had been eliminated from abroad, and many harsh restrictions had to be followed when using it. In order to break through this bottleneck, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. embarked on the pioneering road of Chinese radial tire equipment in 1989. Shi Hang, general manager, said, "we have always focused on technological innovation since the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, followed the pulse of technological progress, and always stepped on the forefront of technology, filling many gaps in the country's tire equipment manufacturing, which is suitable for the development trend of the whole world."

after 20 years, Saixiang technology has not only become the "leader" of China's rubber machinery industry, but also opened the door to the international market. In 2001, after visiting the tire production equipment of Symantec technology, the president of British logipal tire company was amazed and signed a purchase contract on the spot. However, only a dozen years ago, China's first radial tire production line came from their hands

in 2008, Saixiang technology successfully explored the European and Indian markets, with export revenue exceeding 250million yuan. European tire company, Indian BKT, Tire Co., Ltd. and European Airbus have become stable customers of Saixiang technology. Liu Wenan, the person in charge of the company, said that through unremitting efforts, China's tire manufacturing equipment has been recognized by the world's manufacturing powers

"it is very rare for the equipment manufacturing industry to win a place in the international market. After our efforts, we spent foreign exchange on buying old equipment from abroad, and now we can sell new equipment back to them, which shows the overall improvement of China's equipment manufacturing industry. We are an epitome."

since the reform and opening up, with the completion of the industrial system and related industrial chains, China is extending from the low end of the manufacturing industry to the high end. As the core component of manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry has formed an industrial system with complete categories, large scale and certain technical level in China, and has become an important pillar industry of the national economy

statistics show that in 2013, the output value of China's equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the global equipment manufacturing industry, and the output of most products ranked first in the world; 13 equipment manufacturing enterprises in Chinese Mainland have entered the world 500 list, and their international competitiveness has been significantly enhanced. In November, 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in his speech in Rome after a period of time due to the application of machines: "Made in China can be said to be popular all over the world. In recent years, in the development of China's economy, Chinese equipment has made new achievements in some fields. China has begun to have a relatively mature and complete equipment manufacturing industry, which is relatively advanced. Especially in the fields of railway, nuclear power and other electric power, roads, ports, telecommunications, etc., China has strong technical equipment strength, rich construction and operation experience, and Chinese equipment is competitive and trustworthy That's right. "

tunneling, tunnel construction, railway construction and subway excavation require a special equipment - roadheader. It is widely used, but the technology is complex and the cost is not cheap. For a long time, the manufacturing technology of roadheader equipment has been completely monopolized by a few countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Now, after more than ten years of efforts, China is becoming a world giant in this field

located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, which is the main artery of East-West and North-South transportation in China, Zhongzhou Avenue, a main traffic artery with a width of 100 meters and two-way 14 lanes, shuttles constantly as usual. People on the road didn't notice that at their feet, a tunnel more than 100 meters long was under intense construction. The "protagonists" of the construction are two "big guys" with square heads and brains and strange looks - the world's largest rectangular shield tunneling machine independently developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group. Yang Hongjun, the project manager of the tunnel project, said, "the biggest risk of manual work is safety risk. In addition, it may be necessary to break the central axis Avenue. The machine is very safe, and the construction environment is clean. I guarantee that you will still walk up in leather shoes, but if you do it manually, the dust is very large, and the most difficult thing is that safety cannot be controlled."

it is reported that if such a tunnel is excavated manually, the open circuit construction will take at least one year, while the rectangular shield tunneling machine will take only two months. While the construction period is greatly shortened, the greatest advantage is that the road will not be "ripped", the traffic will not be blocked, and the construction dust and noise pollution will be avoided

different from the impression that the tunnel construction site is crowded and all kinds of machinery and equipment are in full swing, there are only a dozen workers at the tunnel construction site, while there is only one person who really operates this rectangular shield machine, which is more than 10 meters wide, more than 7 meters high and weighs more than 400 tons, and it is still on the ground, and there is no need to go underground at all. "We only need to operate these buttons, and the others don't need to be moved, which is very convenient. In addition, we have some alarm states in our historical records, that is, what is wrong with the operation, or what is unreasonable with the parameters, which are displayed here. All systems, including the following equipment, are made by ourselves."

in the 1990s, China began to introduce shield tunneling machines. However, due to the control of core technologies by foreign companies, China not only needs to spend a lot of money to buy, but also often faces the technical failures of "foreign equipment" that are "acclimatized" in China, seriously affecting the progress of the project. Therefore, the manufacture of Chinese own shield tunneling machine was put on the agenda

in 2008, China's first domestic shield machine was successfully rolled off the production line of China railway equipment, and achieved great success in trial, thus completely breaking the monopoly of foreign brands

by the end of June this year, China Railway Equipment Corporation's shield tunneling machines have been used in the subway construction in more than 20 cities in China, with a market share of more than 50%

in addition to high cost performance, personalized customization and service are a "trump card" when China's shield tunneling machine competes with international "giants". China railway construction heavy industry group is the main indicator of renal function. Chengyongliang, deputy general manager, said that their service is comprehensive. "Every customer has his own construction habits. In this way, our customers participate in the design process or manufacturing process and provide him with a special equipment more suitable for his application. In this way, our customers can use this equipment to produce greater value, which also reflects the value of our service and manufacturing industry."

in 2013, China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. acquired German wilt company, an internationally renowned Hard Rock Roadheader manufacturer that is a long-term partner and competitor. Mr. widding, a senior representative of the company, said that China railway equipment is their ideal "buyer". "Several companies have come into our sight, among which China railway equipment is the most professional. It is ambitious, and we believe that China railway equipment can develop and carry forward our tunnel equipment business in the best way."

after the successful acquisition of wilt company, China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. leapt to become the first roadheader manufacturer in China and the second in the world, truly realizing the dream of working side by side with international top brands. On July 25 this year, Turkey's Anyi high-speed railway, which was constructed under the general contract of China railway construction, was officially opened to traffic, which is also the first project for China's high-speed railway to truly go global. "We got the order, using Chinese standards, and then using some Chinese equipment. In the near future, we are sure that the export of equipment will be large."

at present, China railway equipment has established four international marketing centers in Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil and Australia, and is actively exploring the markets of Iran, Azerbaijan, India and Russia. In this regard, Yang Huayong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said: "the technical level and overall technical level of China railway equipment's current shield products have reached the international advanced level. Individual technical indicators 4. Maximum overall dimension: 905 × five hundred and ten × 870mm has reached the international leading position. So far, it has the highest share in the Chinese market and ranks second in the world in terms of the global market. "

equipment manufacturing industry is the industry with the deepest and most influential transformation of science, technology and knowledge into productivity, and it is also the comprehensive embodiment of national industrial strength. With the substantial improvement of China's equipment manufacturing industry, equipment products are shortening the distance from developed industrial countries and moving forward step by step to become a powerful equipment manufacturing country

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