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Scientific and technological innovation is the core of changing from big to strong

in the "12th Five Year Plan" and for a long time, accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development is an important national development strategy. In this context, connotative development has become the inevitable choice for China's textile industry to change from big to strong, and its core is to promote industrial transformation and upgrading through scientific and technological innovation. The rapid sensor of new scientific and technological achievements is an important component to change the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine. When it is applied to the industry, it needs to mobilize the scientific and technological innovation force of the whole industry, reach a consensus in ideology, increase action, and effectively realize the transformation of achievements. From this point of view, this China Textile academic annual conference specially set up the link of "the latest scientific research achievements and high-tech incubation"

many people have a consensus to further promote scientific and technological innovation in the textile industry, especially the transformation of achievements. Professor yujianyong, vice president of Donghua University, told that the development of industry is closely related to scientific and technological innovation and incubation of achievements, and the current situation of scientific and technological research and development in the textile industry should be viewed dialectically. On the one hand, in the development process of China's textile industry since the reform and opening up, relying on the opening-up and deepening reform, the industrial development has obtained unprecedented vitality. The research and development of key technologies should check whether the rings are hung on the key blades and the industrial application process should be significantly accelerated. Through the path of originality or introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, a large number of scientific and technological achievements have yielded fruitful results, which has played an important role in boosting the rapid development of the industry. On the other hand, in the development of the textile industry for a considerable period of time in the future, in order to undertake the history of moving from a "big textile country" to a "powerful textile country", the high-end textile technology, materials, equipment, informatization level, etc. must gradually meet the needs of the international advanced level. There is a considerable amount of work worth promoting in the originality of science and technology and the transformation of achievements

in Yu Jianyong's view, to truly transform scientific research achievements into productivity, at least several elements are required. First of all, the scientific research topics should grasp the major and key technical problems of industrial development, and be able to solve major needs, such as biomass fiber materials that are conducive to alleviating the plight of raw materials and promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and high-tech fiber materials that meet the needs of national defense and military industry. Secondly, a group of key technologies should be formed to integrate and configure multiple technologies related to the goals to achieve major breakthroughs. Thirdly, we should keep up with the engineering level and embody scientific and technological breakthroughs in large-scale production. Finally, the manufacturing level in the process of industrialization and the application level that reflects the demands of consumers should be matched. In addition, talents, funds and other elements are also indispensable. On the whole, we must form a strategic management system for scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation

The combination of production, learning, research and application is an effective achievement transformation mode explored through practice. Yu Jianyong believes that all links in this model should have a clear division of labor. For example, colleges and universities such as Donghua University have unique resource advantages in interdisciplinary areas, and have the advantages of forward-looking basic research and the formation of corresponding results, which is suitable for preliminary research work; However, the engineering and marketization of scientific research achievements is not the specialty of colleges and universities, which requires enterprises to play a leading role. The "use" link has been added to the original production, learning and research cooperation mode, which is to pay attention to the needs of the application market to ensure the high resolution of experimental power. For example, industrial textiles have complex application environment, diverse application fields, and diversified performance requirements. It is impossible to make products suitable for the needs without full communication with users

for the successful transformation of scientific research achievements, all links require the organic connection and cooperation between foam granulators. Yu Jianyong was impressed by the project of "key technology and industrialization of poly (m-phthaloyl-m-phenylenediamine) fiber and high temperature resistant insulating paper" which won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2010. He told that the research team of Donghua University took the subject of "high temperature resistant fiber" as the research goal, carried out technological innovation around the goal, and achieved breakthroughs in a series of key technologies; The project also combines enterprises with engineering level to carry out large-scale production; At the same time, we should strengthen the connection with the market, carry out system layout in the fields of high-temperature filtration, personal protection, motor insulation and so on, and promote the improvement of the overall level of products and equipment through terminal applications. In this process, schools, engineering enterprises and application enterprises have formed a good alliance relationship, which provides a reference for the successful transformation of scientific research achievements in the future

although there are still some difficulties in the current textile scientific research and achievement transformation, Yu Jianyong believes that under the background of changing the mode of economic development, the whole industry has fully realized the great significance of scientific and technological innovation and the rapid application of scientific research achievements to the industry. It is believed that with the concerted efforts of scientific and technological personnel in the whole industry, the scientific and technological innovation of the textile industry in the future will inevitably reach a new level

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