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Hainan scientific planting Eucalyptus to promote forest pulp paper integration project

according to the idea of "exchanging stock for increment and promoting development with increment", Hainan province implements the strategy of "large enterprise entry and large project drive", adjusts and optimizes the industrial structure, cultivates and expands advantageous industries, and a number of key projects of energy conservation, ecology and water and soil conservation have been implemented and completed in succession. The total economic volume has been expanding and the economic strength has been effectively enhanced. This work has also produced different opinions on how to protect the ecology and environment. The expansion of eucalyptus has recently caused some disputes in Hainan. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government have followed suit and listened to opinions from all sides. Through scientific demonstration and effectiveness of relevant issues, it is necessary to contact manufacturers for guidance, which has promoted the harmonious development of economy and environment, man and nature in practice, It has effectively promoted the establishment and implementation of the scientific concept of development

How to introduce large enterprises, start large projects and build economic "aircraft carriers" is the strategic deployment of Hainan's comprehensive, rapid, healthy and sustainable development. As early as December, 1997, the "Forest Pulp Paper" integration project in Hainan Province was approved and implemented by the state. On February 6, 1999, for example, compared with the current body coating based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) manufactured in two-component thermoplastic injection molds, the second session of the second session of the Hainan Provincial People's Congress passed the decision on building an ecological province, and on July 30, the eighth session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress approved the implementation of the planning outline for the construction of an ecological province in Hainan

the outline points out that recently, "afforestation and the implementation of 3.5 million mu pulp and paper forest project" have been carried out. In the construction of ecological industry, "the pulp and paper forest project should create 3.5 million mu pulp and paper forest dominated by Acacia mangium, eucalyptus and Caribbean pine, with an annual output of 3million cubic meters of wood, providing paper raw materials for Jinhai paper mill". It is understood that there are about 2.5 million mu of Eucalyptus, Acacia mangium and Casuarina forests in Hainan, some of which are still low-yield forests due to low management level. Therefore, many people worry that the timber supply of commercial forests is insufficient, and the natural ecological forests will be cut down and destroyed, resulting in environmental degradation and soil erosion. Hainan may lose its ecological and tourism advantages; Some people put the development of Eucalyptus against the protection of the ecological environment

for people's concerns and comments, Hainan provincial leaders believe that the focus of the debate is not the economic benefits of Eucalyptus, but the ecological functions and ecological benefits of Eucalyptus. In this regard, experts, scholars and researchers from the Institute of thermoforestry, Chinese Academy of forestry, Southwest Forestry University and Yunnan Forestry University have long concluded that they have used specific test data to compare and prove that eucalyptus consumes less water and nutrients than other plants, and 50% - 60% of the raw materials of papermaking wood pulp in the world come from Eucalyptus. Experts pointed out that "the biodiversity of tropical and subtropical primary broad-leaved forests cannot be used to require eucalyptus plantations." As for the reason for the decline in soil fertility, they also believe that it is not the tree species themselves, which has a lot to do with the selection of tree species, the selection of afforestation site conditions, management level and harvest measures. The fact that it should be taken as the preferred choice at home and abroad also proves this point. The so-called shortcomings and problems of Eucalyptus are caused by the poor planting and management of artificial eucalyptus forests in the region, and the crux is not Eucalyptus itself

scientific Eucalyptus planting and scientific management

Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. MHH (5) wood based panel scratch tester is composed of three parts: host, ruler and electrical appliances. In late June, the province invited eight experts from the Chinese Academy of forestry and other units to Hainan to introduce their research results to more than 1200 officials and economic departments in Hainan, and introduced the biological characteristics, ecological and economic value of Eucalyptus with detailed data Measures for high yield and sustainable management. They believe that "planting Eucalyptus is an ecological industry. Eucalyptus is a tree of ecological benefits and enriching the people. As long as it is suitable for the place and the tree, and operated scientifically, it can give play to its huge ecological, economic and social benefits." After scientific demonstration, the local people gradually formed a consensus: eucalyptus has many advantages that are incomparable to other tree species. Eucalyptus is the "green gold" of the pulp industry and an important choice for artificial timber forests

in order to strengthen the province and enrich the people, the Hainan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, on the one hand, seize this typical example, and carry out the education of implementing the scientificoutlookondevelopment, building an energy-saving society, and building a socialist harmonious society for the vast number of cadres and the masses; At the same time, in order to give full play to the resource advantages of the Eucalyptus industry, 27.9 million mu of forest in the province is divided into ecological public welfare forest (13.345 million mu) and commercial forest (14.455 million mu) according to the "good prescription" issued by experts, and natural ecological protection areas, commercial forest areas (suitable areas for planting Eucalyptus and other trees) and agricultural economic crop areas are scientifically and concretely divided. The government and enterprises also adopt the "three seven open mode", "land lease mode", "company + farmers", "company afforestation" and other cooperative ways to invest in afforestation, raise land rent and timber purchase price, so as to increase farmers' income, fully promote the implementation of the project, and widely mobilize all sectors of society to invest in pulp and paper forest construction

Hainan has implemented the scientific concept of development through typical examples in economic work, and achieved various results in promoting practical work and educating cadres and the masses. After the implementation of the "Forest Pulp Paper" integration project, the traditional mode of forest paper separation in the past has been broken. Guided by market demand and dominated by paper-making enterprises, paper-making enterprises are organically combined with the construction of paper-making bases through capital ties and economic interests, so as to build paper-making enterprises and raw material forest bases, form a new pattern of industrialization in which paper is used to raise forests, forest is used to promote paper, and forest paper is combined, and realize the unity of economic benefits, ecological benefits, and social benefits, Promote sustainable economic and social development

information source: He Wei of economy

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